Pond Design

There are many different ways to build a pond. Regardless of the way your pond is built, it is essential for it to be easy to maintain and enjoy. The key to achieving this is to have proper filtration and adequate plumbing. Our philosophy is that large filters make clean ponds.

One common mistake many people make is that they build a beautiful pond, only to soon discover that it is much smaller than they had desired. The small pond size limits the number of fish and plants that they can have, and ultimately prevents them from being completely satisfied with their pond investment. Our recommendation is to build the largest volume pond you can fit into your budget and landscape. The water environment in a larger pond is far more stable than that of a small pond where a small mistake can have grave consequences. A poorly designed pond will take the fun out of the hobby. Poor design examples are ponds without bottom drains, ponds having dead water spots in corners, ponds in the wrong location, ponds too shallow for stable water temperature day and night, and ponds without adequate filtration.

We have had the privilege of designing and constructing numerous complex koi ponds. Most of the ponds we have designed and built are natural-looking ponds using granite boulders. However, we have also designed and built many contemporary ponds as well. If you desire our expertise to help you design a pond with beautiful appearance, proper plumbing and adequate filtration, please contact us. We will get back to you within 2 business days. We would love to come alongside you and work together to create a pond that exceeds your expectations.

Our design consultation is priced on a fixed hourly fee. Please contact us here for a quote.

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