CTK Mechanical / Biological Filtration

Remember the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  A book cannot be judged by its cover, but rather the book must be judged on the content inside to know if it is of value or not.  At CTK Quality Pond Products, LLC, we believe this statement also applies to mechanical / biological filtration.  There are many mechanical / biological filtration systems available in the marketplace today and many of them appear to be the same product on the outside.  However, there are vast differences in the mechanics on the inside, which ultimately decides the quality of your water in your pond.

CTK Quality Pond Products, LLC has been manufacturing mechanical / biological filtration systems now for over 20 years.  Our filters have been improved and refined since their conception, and have been tested on hundreds of ponds in Arizona, California, Colorado and Oklahoma.  The result is a mechanical / biologic filter that truly works, provides excellent water quality, is easy to maintain, and is built to last.  We believe our mechanical / biological filters are the best on the market today. 

When it comes to your investment in a mechanical / biological filter, don’t compromise.   Our experience reveals that to have a clean pond, one must have a big filter.  We understand that proper filtration is expensive,  and we care about the quality of your pond and the protection of your dollar.  Please give us a call or send us an e-mail to see how our system can meet your pond filtration needs. 

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